Technical translations in civil engineering

We are two PhD-qualified civil/structural engineers (English and German native speakers) with over 20 years of combined research and industry experience in civil/structural engineering.

We specialize in translations in the field of civil engineering, as we believe that an in-depth understanding of the subject area is essential to produce high-quality translations. We translate and edit technical documents, such as journal papers, technical books, dissertations and technical reports in various formats (e.g. pdf, MS Office, LaTex, etc.).

We are committed to delivering high-quality results and we aim to produce documents that can be used without requiring any further modifications.

In order to produce such high-quality documents, we use the following steps*:

  • Initial translation / editing of the text, focusing on grammar and spelling as well as on the flow and clarity of the text
  • Resolving any issues concerning the content of the document through communication with the client
  • Proofreading of the document by the translator or editor
  • For translations: proofreading of the document by a second translator or editor (4-eyes principle)

* If necessary, for urgent contracts individual steps might be left out to deliver the finalized document in time.