Selected client comments

“I wanted to let you know that I passed my PhD defence last Friday. The second examiner praised the high quality of the writing of my dissertation in front of all the professors. I want to give you a big thank you!!!!” (Comment translated from German)
(G. Kocur, Affiliated Researcher, MIT)

“Thank you once again for your help! My paper was accepted without any major corrections, which was probably due to the high quality of the writing.” (Comment translated from German)
(E. Raveglia, Research Associate, ETH Zurich)

Comment from a reviewer of the journal NDT&E International: “The manuscript is well written and interesting to read. […] Thanks for the good contribution.”

Topics of documents translated/edited recently

Carbon-reinforced concrete in light construction
High-strength concrete
Nonlinear FE analysis of reinforced concrete elements
Membrane action in concrete
Timber-panel construction
Timber-frame construction
Cracked membrane model
Experimental investigations of reinforced concrete beams
Bridge load testing
Shear tests of post-tensioned reinforced concrete bridge girders
Integral bridges
Resonance test stands for fatigue tests
Railway bridge joints
Bridge columns of semi-integral bridges
Interface failure between concrete layers
Facade construction
Fatigue model for reinforced concrete structures
Design of steel structures for fire loads
Fire loads on structures
Wind loads on structures
Traffic loads on bridges
Substructures of offshore wind power plants
Design criteria for columns of integral bridges
Shear transfer mechanisms in reinforced and prestressed concrete beams
Punching-shear design of floor slabs
Acoustic emissions for crack localisation in reinforced concrete elements
Wind and wave loads on offshore wind power plants
Fatigue tests of post-tensioned cable anchorages
Construction method of shell bridges
Masonry construction

Journals in which articles translated/edited by us have been published

Journal of Structural Engineering
Composites Part B
Composite StructuresDetail
Journal of Structural Safety
Cement and Concrete Research
fib bulletin
Engineering Structures
International Journal of Fatigue
Structural Health Monitoring
Coastal Engineering Journal
Journal of Construction and Building Materials
Journal of Structural Engineering
Curved and Layered Structures
Nordic Pulp and Paper Journal
Holzforschung Schweiz
Structural Concrete
Beton- und Stahlbetonbau
Journal of Building Engineering
and many more…

Our own publications

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